Relationships are everything in life. Nurturing meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues while delivering the best possible service leads to a winning combination.
"Dianne Sherwood is a gem to work with. It's been 10+ years since our first embroidery project. She quickly figures out what you need, suggests a range of options within your budget and delivers flawless work - particularly with embroidery. Her patience is remarkable when the projects evolve, as they do. She turns "how can we..." into "it's done" with ease."

Alana McFarlane
Pembrook Mining, Radon Environmental

"Blue Heron provides us with excellent service and ensures to tailor it to our business needs. Dianne works closely with us every step of the way...from our initial request, to production, shipping and final receipt of our product. She is imaginative, creative and full of fun ideas for promoting any event/business. She has what it takes to launch forward any idea and in the most creative way. Blue Heron is a service oriented, professional & innovative business that you can count on. The personal touch and the one on one makes dealing with Blue Heron nothing but impressive. "

Irene Robinson
Manulife Asset Management Ltd.

"Last spring, our company, DK Safaris Ltd. contracted Blue Heron Promotions to brand some promotional items for upcoming trade shows, as well as gifts for our clients. Dianne (of Blue Heron) was an absolute pleasure to work with, she met with us and went over all of the different items that would fit our company image, making excellent suggestions and then brought in the samples for us to see. She helped us through making sure that our logo was image ready for embroidery, embossing and printing on labels for each of the products that we had chosen. From here, it was a simple matter of choosing some items and ordering them. Our major item to give to each of our clients is a wonderful black duffle bag, embroidered both sides with our logo, for our clients to pack their gear into. This had to be very carefully chosen due to weight restrictions on the intra-Africa flights; Dianne helped us choose accordingly and then ensured that what we received was up to our expectations.

Since the initial order, she has worked extremely hard ensuring that we can receive the same bag and the same quality each time to keep a consistency in our image. In short, we are extremely happy with the personalized and professional service that Blue Heron gives us. Even though we are a small client, Dianne treats us as every bit as important as a major client, and that hit homes with us!"

Lynda Swain
Swain and Associates Consulting, DK Safari

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